About us

Volvat Tromsø Jekta-Nordnorsk Hudlegesenter is a dermatology clinic located in Tromsø. We offer both medical consultations in dermatology and as well as cosmetic treatments. We are committed to the best available medical care for our patients, and we have invested in the resources necessary to achieve that.

All medical and laser procedures (apart from hair removal and cryolipolysis) are performed by dermatologists. In some dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices physician assistants, nurses, or even medical assistants and aestheticians, operate lasers and IPL-devices to administer patient treatments. While this is legal in Norway, we do not condone this practice.

In addition to our dermatologists, our medical staff consists of fully certified nurses trained in dermatology, with extensive knowledge about the procedures they assist in. Each nurse is assigned to a single patient at a time to ensure that all patient questions and concerns are fully addressed.

Schedule an appointment online or contact us by  telephone, 48068800,  for questions, information and pricing.

A part of Volvat Medisinske Senter AS

As of January 2nd 2019, Nordnorsk Hudlegesenter is a part of Volvat Medisinske Senter AS.